A proposal to pedestrianize the urban core

Singapore has an immensely beautiful urban core, consisting of a mix of handsome colonial masterpieces and imposing modern skyscrapers. However, the urban core is also greatly fragmented due to vehicular traffic, making it extremely inaccessible on foot.

Urban Connectivity

As a result, the urban core is connected by a series of underpasses and MRT stations. Many gems such as Empress Place and Princess Elizabeth Walk are also hidden despite being so close to the main thoroughfare. Therefore, this post will look at possible design changes that will make the urban core more pedestrian friendly, and create more public spaces for enjoyment.

Before the massive developments of Marina Bay in the last decade, the Singapore River/ Boat Quay area used to be the heart of all the tourist activity. Esplanade Park and Queen Elizabeth Walk used to face the see, and throughout the day, visitors will…

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